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Remo Recover is a very convenient and reliable format recovery software that can effectively help users avoid the accidental deletion of important files. With it, it is also a protection for their own files. Friends in need come to the Green Resources Network to download!

Partition File Recovery Remo Recover solves all data recovery issues for Windows users. This software provides the fastest recovery of deleted data from files in case of simple data loss, emptying the Windows Recycle Bin. In addition, similar capabilities have caused unexpected data loss in the event of complex data loss, reinstalling Windows, deleted files or partitions from a RAID drive, formatting partitions or repartitioning the hard disk.

The entire drive can be scanned in minutes to recover deleted files

When files bypass the Windows Recycle Bin, the size exceeds that of the Recycle Bin, deleting files when using Shift + Delete or Delete can be quickly recovered from the Windows command prompt

Rescue file format partitions even when you reinstall Windows

Drive crashes or fails to start when full hard drive is restored

Get important data from the partition, this is due to the partition being incorrectly deleted or lost

Recover deleted files, data formatted partitions and deleted/corrupted RAID0 partitions, RAID1 and RAID5 arrays

Identify all file types including Office files, pictures, audio, video, and other important file types based on their unique signatures Restoring search using signatures Made Easy

The recovered data can be sorted based on the name, date, size, and file type

Recovery from hard disk data (SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc.), flash memory card (SD, MMC, XD, memory stick, etc.), USB external hard disk, FireWire drive

Supports data recovery from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, ntfs5, extfat formatted partitions/drivers

You can use the 'Save Scan Information' function at any time during the recovery/save process, this will ensure that you do not need to re-scan your drive to find the missing data

Create a disk image to bypass the bad sectors, after you can recover data from these disk images, you can preview the recovered file data before restoring

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